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Professional Services

WCB offers consulting services in the following areas. Our market includes greater Metropolitan New York: Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania  and Connecticut.

       International Supply Chain Consulting 

  • Engaging and Managing Logistics Services
  • Foreign Procurement and Procedures
  • Review Corporate Import/Export Procedures
  • Compliance Review: Import/Export Regulations
  • Creating Lean Supply Chains for Trade
  • Hiring & Staffing the Supply Chain
  • Maximizing Import/Export Profit Margins
  • Assistance: Mergers, Acquistions and Start Ups

       Corporate Training 

  • Basic Import Procedures
  • Basic Export Procedures
  • Customs & Border Protection Procedures
  • Logistics and Transportation Procedures
  • Distribution Procedures
  • Terms of Sale, Terms of Payment, Incoterms
  • Foreign Vendor Relationships & Procedures
  • Risk Mitigation in Trade Operations
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